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AWROOOOO!!! So I think everyone has heard that bad news and I wanted to reach out and inform you all on the next steps I'll be taking. Onlyfans Is going the TUMBLR route and is removing explicit NSFW content from their website. This decision really hurts creators like myself who have built up a following of support on this website and I wanted to let you know whats next. I already have another platform called JustForFans that I originally posted content on; https://bit.ly/CennyJFF JustForFans is a website similar to Onlyfans, but their entire platform is to support adult creators and sex workers. They have already come out with an announcement on the matter and have stated that they will always continue to support sex workers and will not be pressured like Onlyfans was to ever adjusting that. I love and appreciate you all, I want you to know that your support has really helped me with funding content you have been enjoying and I really hope to continue <3. Next month me and Rook are both moving to a new, larger home, we talked about it with members in our private supporter telegram group which you can join here; https://t.me/joinchat/SxJbGVmP5l5tUV4R With this we are greatly excited to not always be filming in such a cramped environment and are excited to be moving in with another individual to have a fun 3rd person to make content with that can also be a cameraman :P. Lots of exciting news in a time where a really unfortunate announcement has come out. I encourage you all to follow us over onto JustForFans <3 as we would love your continued support with all the upcomming content we have comming down the pipeline <3 For those of you with memberships supporting us here on Onlyfans <3 please know that we love and appreciate you and if you would like to move your subscription over to JustForFans I have made a private promocode where you can sign up; https://bit.ly/CennyJFF Promocode: Cennybutt Please note. They do not allow me to give out free signups (I tried, believe me) instead I've just lowered the price to the lowest entry amount of $1. To ensure that you guys get a good deal for moving over, I will keep this promotion going on for the next 2 months! $1 each month before it returns to the regular price :) saves you all some $$ for the inconvenience of the switch-over. (If you are subbed for a duration longer than a month-month basis on Onlyfans please respond to this and let me know so I can give you a different code to make sure your not out any $) Please keep this code private <3 its only meant for you wonderful folks on Onlyfans to seamlessly move over! Thank you all for your continued love and support <3 I really can't express enough how much we appreciate it and look forward to creating much more lewd content for you wonderful degenerates. TLDR: Onlyfans no longer supporting NSFW content. Moving to JUSTFORFANS, I am giving the cheapest discount code possible with code; Cennybutt https://bit.ly/CennyJFF $1 a month, using it over the next 2 months to help you all move over :) I hope you will continue to support us <3