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**New Clip Store Video** **SSBBW Shower Struggles - 15:13 min - $12** *This video is sold for $15 on my clip stores* There are a ton of differences in the way I shower now than I did 300 pounds ago, showering at my current size comes with so many challenges that I never expected! From the simple things I never thought about like being able to stand for long enough to take a shower without needing a shower chair, to the more complicated things like the gymnastics I have to perform in order to clean my entire body. One of the things that turns me on the most is feeling my soapy hands glide effortlessly through my slick rolls and folds as they get fatter and fatter. All of these changes have been really sensual for me and I'm so thrilled to share them with you! *as a reminder, just tip this post $12 to get the video in your inbox!*