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**Booty in the Bayou - 2:35 min - $5** *This video is sold for $5 on my clip stores but since $5 is the minimum tip you can give on here I’ll be including a 10% discount on your next month with your video* I'm a fairly active fatty so I tend to forget exactly how heavy I am sometimes, and today was one of those days! I went for a walk in the Bayou and this boardwalk was NOT made for someone my size to be waddling around on it; it was so squeaky with every step I took! Thankfully there were a LOT of benches available for me to sit and take breaks but some of the benches were broken so I had to walk even FURTHER to take a break sometimes! Come take a SHORT walk with me and I'll take my belly out at the end and play with it for you! *as a reminder, just tip this post $5 to get the video in your inbox!*