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**SSBBW vs Stairs 2: EIGHTY STAIRS - 4:48 min - $7** *This video is sold for $9 on my clip stores* I'm battling my greatest enemy again, STAIRS! These stairs were built 100 years ago and it's clear that people used to be thinner back then, because I almost take up the whole staircase! One of the sexiest things about being a former athlete is struggling to do something, especially something that I used to be able to do with ease! I used to be able to literally sprint up 80 stairs and now I can barely walk up a couple steps without needing a break to suck in air. I know this is a lot more stairs than in my original stairs video, but I'm only 20-30lbs heavier so I'm a little surprised that I struggled this much! *as a reminder, just tip this post $7 to get the video in your inbox!*