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Today I finally had my long-awaited sushi buffet and I devoured everything without any inhibitions until my stretchy leggings started to get fucking tight. I couldn't stop and shoveled plate after plate into my greedy mouth. It was so good and tasty. When I was finished I could hardly get up from the bench, my full, round stomach was already pressing against the edge of the table and I just couldn't get up on my own. My friend had to help me up. I recognised the embarrassed and disgusted looks from other guests, they were literally all staring at me struggling to get up. I waddled out of the restaurant like a real porker, my stomach sticking out of my shirt and my ass woobling from left to right. I felt so damn fat and probably looked like it too. My belly was so huge and round I could have been 9 months pregnant. When I sat in the car and my full belly pressed against the steering wheel, I got so horny that I stopped at McDonald's on the way back and bought a milkshake and chicken nuggets, which I then ate right in the car in the parking lot, I couldn't make the milkshake tho and took it home with me. Shit, I was so stuffed! I could have burst at any moment and had to really pull myself together not to throw up. When I got home, I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror. My stomach was so huge and bloated! You can see the results of this morning with an empty stomach (left) compared to tonight right after the feast (right). Good lord, I'm so fucking fat and I love that! I could have such a feast every day.

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