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Taking Control of My Catboy Boyfriend 2 is our new 23min long video! 😻 Kilo couldn't get enough of Dominating Catboy Kit last time, so he's back at it again!😼💖 This video starts with Kit taking a huge dildo up the ass while tied to a chair, and before long Kilo adds his dick to Kit's mouth!🙀 Lots more sucking and deepthroating of Kilo's dick, and then it's on to fucking. Kit blows a insanely massive load💦💦 while riding Kilo and then Kilo fucks Kit laying down, blowing a huge load all over his ass and hole!!💦 (Sorry about the snow/noise during a few scenes, the camera picked up some weird quality, but watch after the end of the video for a bonus slo-mo of Kit's huge cumshot!) Which position would you put your Catboy Boyfriend in??😼💖