1 2022-03-28T03:12:57

Hi all, I'm sorry for being distant. It's hard to put into words without feeling stupid about it, but I've had a hard time mentally for the past two weeks and I really don't have anyone I could talk to about it. I've been regretting having my surgery because it completely restricted my mobility and left me depressed like I haven't been in years. I know there's a lot of people who for one reason or another care about me on here so I made it my goal to update you every day from now on no matter how badly I feel like hiding away from the whole world curled up in a hole. Today was the first time I opened my blinds in weeks so of course I documented it for you :') I don't have any plans for posts (except the Jessica Rabbit cosplay - I'm still waiting on the dress to arrive), but I will have my cast taken off in 10 days so any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I hope you're all doing good and staying healthy. <3

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