1 2022-07-17T22:26:07

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I **know** a lot of you have been waiting on my *dungeon video* that I’ve been editing up. I’ve been trying to solve this issue all day long and had to go and re-edit it and make it **smaller** :( Onlyfans had some issues with my content for the dungeon post as it was too bdsm to post and (yeeeeeep) now I’ve had to make a shorter version which is basically the tiny first part of my 30 minute long video 3. I’ve really been going crazy all day trying to think of a way to fix it so I can show you 😭 My luck is so down at the moment ... but I’ve managed to take out all the parts (90%) which aren’t allowed and I’ve got this for you- i’m sorry it’s not all you wanted but theres nothing I can do about it.. I been stressing all day so.. Guess I’ll just have to go make other content that’s not erm.. too.. yeah :S I love and appreciate u.. ❤️❤️❤️ Belle