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Hi all! I was insanely busy with work for the past two days so I had to delay the winners by one day, but here they are. To those of you who didn't win I still hope you join any future giveaways and don't get discouraged <3 ~ The winner of an additional one month subscription is @mark00077 - congratulations!❤ I will be messaging you with info on how to claim it shortly. ~ The winner of a custom video is @marvelfan89 - congratulations 🎊 Take your time to think of something and let me know whenever you're ready. ~ The winner of the costume of choice is @evolvedlupus with Jessica Rabbit - congratulations 🎉 I will send you extra content when the cosplay is ready! I noticed multiple entries wanting the same character, but please understand that this draw was for a single winner who gets additional perks as, well, the winner. : ) ~ Thank you all for joining, once again congratulations to all the winners and I wish those who didn't win better luck next time, really - don't get discouraged! ^.^ Side note: if you have a quick idea on how to randomize around 600 entries without adding them manually my hands will appreciate any suggestions, ouch

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